Thank you for your interest in supporting Mountain of Hope.  100% of every donation goes directly to fund the Mountain of Hope clinic and clean-water projects. All Mountain of Hope officers and directors serve without compensation. Medical and dental mission team professionals, and all other U.S. mission team members are unpaid volunteers, and pay for their own transportation, lodging and meals when traveling and serving in Honduras. ALL of your donation will be spent to directly impact the health and well being of the villagers in Quince de Enero and surrounding villages. That is our pledge and our promise to you.

Mountain of Hope is 501(c)(3) and all contributions are tax deductible according to the rules of the US Internal Revenue Service. We send all of our donors contribution statements by U.S. Mail in January of each year for the previous year.

Make A One-Time Donation

Your contributions go a long way in rural Honduras:

  • $50 will provide training and equipment for a midwife who administers birthing services for 20 women in her community.
  • $75 will purchase life-saving medicines and supplies.
  • $600 will operate the clinic for one entire day.
  • $1,500 will allow us to ship a newly restored and fully equipped water truck to Honduras for our well drilling operations.
  • $3,000 will provide drilling services and pumping equipment for a water well capable of supplying fresh water to a church community or school.

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Before Mountain of Hope came to Quince, infant mortality was high and disease was widespread, due in large part to contaminated drinking water. Over the past 5 years, using our own well drilling equipment, Mountain of Hope has provided clean, safe water wells for 18 villages and a brand new school. The result: the health of the region has dramatically improved. The children grow up healthy, infant mortality is down, and the burden on the clinic is greatly reduced.

Help us continue our ongoing work to improve the lives of the Honduran people.